Friday, August 25, 2006

Gonzo history brings you manifestations of the fear throughout history, specifically dedicated to looking at the way real people, with flesh as real as yours, died in horrible agony, screaming out with their last breaths to an uncaring universe, and presenting it to the reader as a form of light entertainment because otherwise we would all go mad. I am not making some kind of "whoah-ho-ho, we're all kerayzeee!" thing here, like that guy from the office or a teenage girl. I am as sane as the next guy. Hopefully, you will soon see why.

Because I am lazy, and because I am vain, I think we'll begin this bad boy with some material from the Gonzo-Historical slush pile. Today or tomorrow, look out for some material from the short-lived and rare print version of the Gonzo History Project. Hopefully you will laugh.


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